• Women farmers on an exchange visit to a fish pond ©ActionAid Brazil.
  • More than 60 local varieties are stored in seed banks which are taken by farmers during their planting season for planting and would again be stored in seed banks after harvest. ©Dinmani Pokhrel/ActionAid.
  • Farmers in Gamopedi Village are slowly making their transition to sustainable agriculture through various soil and water conservation techniques such as ridge planting. ©Edmore Mangoti/ActionAid.

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In Brazil, as in most countries, the interface between climate change and social inequality is still a vast field to be researched. Similarly, there is a need for society as a whole to be aware and engaged with the issue, and particularly the circumstances of people who are vulnerable both of socioeconomically and environmentally.

To address this issue in the national debate, the “Working Group on Climate Change, Poverty and Inequality" was created in April 2009. The Working Group is part of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change and is coordinated by COEP.

Besides contributing to the formation of a broad network of expertise on climate change and its impact on vulnerable populations, the WG aims to:

  • Contribute to public discussion in Brazil about climate change.
  • Develop social technologies which improve the ability of vulnerable communities to prepare for and respond to extreme weather events.
  • Connect the themes of climate change and social inequality.
  • Draw a profile of practices, proposals for action, challenges and difficulties of Brazilian organizations active on climate change and in the fight against poverty.
  • Raise awareness in society as a whole about the theme.

Fronts for Action by the WG and its members:

Advance Research on "Climate Change, Social Inequalities and Vulnerable Populations in Brazil: Building Capacities.”
Contribute to the position of Brazil in national and international forums.
Support initiatives by COEP (the National Network for Social Mobilization) which complement the activities of the WG.

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